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About Kings and Criminals

Max is a bright young man looking for a way to change a broken world that he sees around him. One day he finds it. An idea takes hold and doesn’t let go. He’s driven to create a secret group with the aim of putting each of the members into the most powerful and influential positions in the country. After recruiting them one by one for their varying interests and skills, he brings them together to ask that they dedicate their lives to the pursuit of something bigger. 


Their motivations are altruistic… long-term. However, as the group members plan their futures, events that could jeopardise everything force them to make tough decisions now. They quickly have to learn the difference between the 'battle’ and the 'war’, and decide what is justifiable now to ensure they all make it to act II.


Does a sixteen-year-old boy have what it takes to build such a group? How far will each go to protect the rest?

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